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“Comment Redirect with Pop Up”

Comment Redirect with Pop Up Introduction Video

pop up messages, redirect readers, increase subscribers

Complete Customization

Beautiful Admin Area Comment Redirect WordPress Plugin


Custom Redirect Plugin for WordPress has a powerful and clean admin area with real time visual changes.


Visually stimulating, clean and open admin area. The clean and colorful look really helps inspire the content of the pop-up.


Make Changes to your POP-UP and see it change in Real-Time. The Real-Time preview is extremely helpful and saves time testing.

Convert Readers Into Subscribers

Integrate Email Marketing


Connect all the Major Email Marketing Services such as :  Constant Contact, Mailchimp, AdWeber, and many more.

Increase Subscriptions

Using the Comment Redirect Plugin you can increase the amount of subscriptions by simply adding a form to your Comment Redirect Pop Up.

Configure Form

Integrate Email Marketing Software With Ease Comment Redirect WordPress Plugin

Redirect Users to Other Content

Content Redirection

Enable Custom Redirects and Pop Up's Comment Redirect WordPress Plugin

Redirect Users

The real magic behind Comment Redirect is its ability to redirect with a message. Once a user has commented on a post you can direct them to another post.


A great example of this in action is when new visitors comment on your site! Introduce your visitors to other parts of your site and engage them with new content.


Comment Redirect Plugin has Custom Controls such as: Show popup and redirect,  redirect each user once, and show the popup to each user once.

Customize Colors To match your Site

Custom Colors

Customize Colors

Customize your Comment Redirect Plugin’s colors using the color picker. Customize the buttons, background, and text.

Customize Colors Comment Redirect WordPress Plugin

Customize Text and Fonts

Custom Text + Google Fonts

Customize Text and Fonts Comment Redirect WordPress Plugin

Custom Text and Fonts

Have full control with the Comment Redirect WordPress plugin, Change text and fonts with ease and build your custom pop-up!

Add Custom Links

Custom Links Inside Pop-Up

Custom Links

Add a link to your Comment Redirect WordPress Plugin Popup. Customize the color, the URL and position.

Add Links Inside Pop-Up Comment Redirect WordPress Plugin
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